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March 29
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They say to expect the unexpected. Others say that we should let fate control our lives. 

To be honest....

I'm really not into that kind of stuff...

    Well until one day....I stepped into a small shop. It smelled a bit musty, and had that old antique feel to it. gave off a very homely vibe. Sitting on an old rocking chair, and old woman. I watch as she rocks back and forth in her chair, knitting away as the sounds of the wind chimes and the creaking of the chair breaking the slience. Looking up from her work she gives a warm smile, as if she were greeting her grand children whom she hasn't seen in a long time. 

"Welcome dear. I don't have much but feel free to look around." She says, her voice sweet as honey. I smile back at her and nod. 

There wasn't a lot to look at in this quaint little shop of hers. Some old fashioned candy...a few post cards for the tourists and a pack of seeds for the spring season. What really caught my attention was a black bag that had a sign above it that read, 

"Let Fate be your guide to love"

"Oh that's quite popular with a lot of young girls your age." The old woman says, getting up from her chair. She grabs a really old looking cane as she walks over to me. "Go ahead and take one. It's free." she adds with a smile. 

"Oh um...I'm not into fate and all that mumbo jumbo.." I reply. "Thanks for the offer though." 

The old woman chuckled and shook her head. "Oh I insist. I hate to see someone leave empty handed. Consider it a gift as thanks for walking into my shop. Besides, you never might change your mind about fate." she says, ushering me to reach into the bag. I sigh and give in, just to humor her. I might as well give this a chance. 

to be continued.....
This is one of the ideas I wrote in my notebook. I wanted to try and update for a bit though I'm going to be extra busy with school and work. Just leave a comment below who you want me to write the reader with first. 

Prussia- Part one: Link           

part two: TBA
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