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August 15, 2012
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Congratulations, you have bought your very own KuroUnit! By taking the time to read this guide, you will be informed about how to care for your Sebastian Michaelis KuroUnit. Taking care of these KuroUnits is a big responsiblity, and takes a lot of patience. However you will eventually grow a deep bond with your new kuroUnit. 

With your new Sebastian Michaelis KuroUnit, it comes with a few things:

A Sebastian Michaelis KuroUnit comes with:

-a black butler's outfit

-Phantomhive's head butler pin.

-a "few" cats

-A fancy victorian tea set.

-white gloves

-A tutor's outfit (optional)

-Faustian contract

-Silverware (forks and knives. Not to be used as dinner ware. Used as weapons)

-a limited warranty if there are any problems that need to be fixed on your KuroUnit.

Act now and you can get "Tutor" mode, "nekomimi" mode and his true form for half the price!

How to activate Sebastian Michaelis KuroUnit

Sebastian Michaelis, being "One Hell of a butler" will arrive in a black wooden crate, and his accessories will arrive in smaller boxes, to avoid breaking. Once opened, he will activate instantly, greet his new master/mistress and bow. With this KuroUnit, you can command him to do your bidding, such as cleaning or cooking, tutoring, etc. (He can also get rid of some unwanted guests as well.) The only way for you to command him to do such things, you must perform a contract with this sexy butler. Whatever you demand from this KuroUnit he will respond with, "Yes, my Lord/Milady."

What to feed Sebastian Michaelis KuroUnit

Sebastian is a demon, so food is not a necessity for him. He prefers to devour the soul of a human. 

How to entertain Sebastian Michaelis KuroUnit

On days that Sebastian does not have duties to tend to, he prefers to spend time alone admiring the cats he will come across, from stroking their silky fur, to playing with their soft paw pads. He will be in his own little world. However, if you REALLY want to entertain him, you can dress up as a nekomimi maid for the day. Warning: "Things" will happen if you decide to dress as a cat maid.

KuroUnits that are compatible with Sebastian Michaelis KuroUnit

Ciel Phantomhive KuroUnit: These units can be shipped with Sebastian for those who love the "Butler and his young master" theme. These units will have a lot of chores for Sebastian to take care of. There are times Ciel will have Sebastian fulfill difficult tasks, which of course Sebastian will finish without question. The motives behind these tasks are to entertain Ciel, and challenge Sebastian in the areas of strength and skill. Whatever Ciel demands, Sebastian KuroUnits will respond with the usual, "Yes, my Lord."

Grell Sutcliff KuroUnit: This flamboyant Grim Reaper has set his eyes on the mysterious butler. He always has some sort of sexual fantasy of him and sebastian together. Has a habit of calling him "Sebas-chan" Or "Sebby-chan". They can be shipped, however, it may be one sided.

Pluto KuroUnit: This unit is naked 24/7 though some occasions he will be dressed up as a butler as well. His true form is actually a Hell Hound that breathes fire, a furry killing machine. However, in Sebastian's presence (and perhaps Finian's) he's nothing more but a harmless gigantic puppy. Will beg for attention if he sees Sebastian with a cat.

Claude Faustus KuroUnit: Okay, let's face it. Sebastian hates this demon, because he took his young master's soul. (You do NOT steal a soul from a demon who has starved himself long enough to crave it) But hey, who doesn't like demon on demon action? <del>plus Claude is a creepy perv.</del>

Questions and Answers:

Q.So I own a cat, and my Sebastian KuroUnit keeps trying to pet it and is ignoring orders. I tried getting his attention by meowing and acting cat like but he does not respond... What should I do? 

A.Just wait until he's satisfied. With this butler, he will be in his own little world while petting that cat.

Q.He keeps trying to make me wear this cat outfit, why? 

A.He must think you look cute, and wearing a cat outfit will certainly get his attention more.

Q.he wants to dress me in the mornings. should i let him or...? 

A.Well, he IS one Hell of a butler, and as a butler he must tend to his young mistress. (Yes that includes dressing you.)

Q.My Sebastian KuroUnit and my Britain Hetaloid have teamed up, and now my house is a giant black hole of fancy Britishness. How the hell do I keep these two apart and end my misery? 

A.You can't. Besides, what's wrong with British decor? 

Q.Would he wear kitty ears with my Greece Hetaloid? And mee, of course~ So will he? 

A.Ash: *about to say something* Sebastian: *interrupts her* My apologies, Milady. Though I may fancy cats, you will not catch me wearing cat ears. For I am not a cat. I am one Hell of a butler. Ash: *pouts* I already promised the fans a nekomimi mode... Sebastianunit and my Greeceloid are fighting over my cats, how do I stop them? 

A.Why stop them when you have some live entertainment?

Q.for Bassy: There's this weird guy in a suit on all fours following him. Is this normal? Why yes, that must be 

A.Pluto KuroUnit. He likes Sebastian.

Q.I can't stop having nosebleeds because of my Sebastian KuroUnit. What can I do to make them stop? 

A.Ash: Want to answer this one? Sebastian: I'd be delighted to. *hands you tissue* Allow me to take care of that, Milady. *smiles*

Q. My Sebastian Kurounit is keeping cats in his closet, is this normal? 

A.Yes. he fancies cats.

Q.Why is there a giant white dog following Sebastian? 

A.That's Pluto, the hell hound. Careful, he tends to turn into a gorgeous naked man.

Q.I really suck at stitches. Will he help me for conventions? 

A.Of course. He will sew a perfect costume to wear at the convention.

Q.would he even go out with me on anime conventions?

A.Sebastian: No. Ash: can command him to. :3 Sebastian:....

To order your KuroUnit, call at: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Damn, this took a lot of thought before writing this. Gave me a good challenge. Well, here we have a KuroUnit. Enjoy~

Sebastian: Once you order me, I'll be one Hell of a butler. :iconsexysebastianplz:
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BlueKitten06 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013
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Starstoash Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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