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August 21, 2012
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Congratulations, you have bought your very own KuroUnit! By taking the time to read this guide, you will be informed about how to care for your Ciel Phantomhive KuroUnit. Taking care of these KuroUnits is a big responsiblity, and takes a lot of patience. However you will eventually grow a deep bond with your new kuroUnit. 

With your new Ciel Phantomhive KuroUnit, it comes with a few things:

A Ciel Phantomhive KuroUnit comes with:

-one eyepatch

-one family ring (do not lose it)

-one golden ring (seal his insignia when sending letters)

-several outfits

-a cane

-one victorian ball gown with corset and hair extensions (optional)

-one faustian contract

-a limited warranty if there are any problems that need to be fixed on your KuroUnit.

Act Now and you can get "nekomimi" mode, "demon" mode, or "genderbend" Ciel Phantomhive.

How to activate Ciel Phantomhive KuroUnit:

Upon Arrival, Ciel will arrive in a black wooden crate small enough for someone his size, along with his belongings. Once you open his box, he will wake up instantly, and start observing his new surroundings. Once he is finished, he will demand you make him something to eat, most likely something sweet. If you do not wish to do his bidding, it is best to order a Sebastian Michaelis KuroUnit. If you are unable to order him, you will most likely end up as Ciel's maid/caretaker.

What to feed Ciel Phantomhive KuroUnit:

Ciel Phantomhive will demand you cook for him (unless you have Sebastian) so you'll end up making things that he wants for dinner. He also prefers to have a cup of tea, preferably Earl Grey. Ciel also enjoys various sweets, like cakes, parfaits, etc. Ciel does not like spicy food, but he will tolerate eating curry buns. 

How to entertain Ciel Phantomhive KuroUnit:

Ciel will most likely keep himself busy with academics, or being the queen's watchdog. (though that will just be useless and a waste of his time) Ciel enjoys challenging games, such as chess, checkers, and poker. Careful when playing these games with him. Ciel is known for cheating. If you have Sebastian with you, Ciel will take enjoyment testing this KuroUnit by making him do difficult tasks, that tests Sebastian's skills as a butler.

KuroUnits that are compatible with Ciel Phantomhive KuroUnit

Sebastian Michaelis:These units can be shipped with Sebastian for those who love the "Butler and his young master" theme. These units will have a lot of chores for Sebastian to take care of. There are times Ciel will have Sebastian fulfill difficult tasks, which of course Sebastian will finish without question. The motives behind these tasks are to entertain Ciel, and challenge Sebastian in the areas of strength and skill. Whatever Ciel demands, Sebastian KuroUnits will respond with the usual, "Yes, my Lord."

Lady Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford (or Lizzy for short): Earl Ciel Phantomhive's fiancé. Lady Elizabeth, or Lizzy is known for wanting to make her fiancé happy, and will come up with ideas to make that happen (though these ideas make her rather selfish). She will most likely barge in an unexpected time, and will turn everything in the house overbearingly cute. These units can be shipped.

Earl Alois Trancy (or Jim Macken): These two can be shipped. Alois is known for wanting Ciel Phantomhive, (and being brainwashed by the pervert Claude Faustus thinking that Ciel's demon butler, Sebastian took his brother, Luka's soul.) A young fourteen year old pervert. (Though I do have pity him, since he's gone through a lot of crap.)

Prince Soma Asman Kadar: This prince is rather childish for a young adult, but sees Ciel as his only friend. Will most likely bug him when he's bored. 

Claude Faustus: Demon butler to Earl Alois Trancy (Jim Macken). Just another bloody pervert...Wants Ciel's soul, and will act like a horny school girl about it.

Baroness Angelina Durless-Barnett (Lady Red): Ciel's Aunt. works as a doctor, and cares deeply for Ciel. Can not be shipped. (because that would be weird and disgusting.)

Questions and Answers:

Q.After he arrived here my Ciel KuroUnite stole my bedroom and started to treat me like a maid,he even made me wear a maid dress!And my Sebastian KuroUnit is helping him. How can I get back my bedroom and make him understand that I am NOT he's maid? 

A.He knows you're not his maid. Ciel doesn't care though. Ciel KuroUnits just takes what he wants. 

Q.Ciel never seems to smile. Is there a way to actually make him happy? 


Q.does my Ciel KuroUnit insist on me buying so much candy? And what the heck is this flan stuff he keeps asking for? 

A.Ciel likes to eat sweets. Flan is an open pastry or sponge case containing a sweet or savoury filling.

Q.My KuroUnit has started demanding that I cook flan for him. I suck at cooking and my England Hetaloid is trying to cook that right now. Help? 

A.We are sending Sebastian right away.

Q.I need to use my desk so I can write, but my Ciel KuroUnit won't let me use it. I've tried asking nicely, but Ciel just asks Sebastian to show me out. How do I get him to let me use my desk? 

A.You can't. He just takes what he wants.

Q.My Ciel KuroUnit runs away from my cat every time it comes near him! Why does he do this? 

A.Ciel is allergic to cats. 

Q. My Ciel KuroUnit has been acting very strange, he has been giving out toys, money, food and clothes to everyone he meets, is anything wrong with him? 

A.Mother of God...

Q.My kurounit keeps telling (not asking) me to play games with him, but I don't know the rules to any of the games he suggests! What do I do? (I'm lost on chess, poker, etc...) 

A.We'll throw in a guide on how to play these games. 

Q.My kurounit is acting strange he starts to blush every time he sees me.....i'm starting to get worried :c 

A.He must take a fancy to you. Just make sure Lady Elizabeth doesn't find out.

Q.The KuroUnit... seems nice but, my ciel got very very black hair and red eyes and talks about 'how a gentleman and a lady should conected'... whats wrong with him ?

A. You sure that's Ciel? Or did you order a demon Ciel?

To order your KuroUnit, call at: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Ciel: *reads guide*.................Sebastian, I order you to find and kill this person who created this guide.

Sebastian: *bows* Yes, my Lord.

Ash: *puts on helmet and grabs sword* Come at me, bro.
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